Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Genetic analysis of traits related to immune system in Japanese quail using Bayesian approach            0000-00-00
2    Study of Mn requirement and relative bioavailability value of organic and inorganic Mn in young broiler chicks    Ph.D    Gholami, Masoumeh    2013-06-22
3    Codification strategy for genomic evaluations based on parametric and nonparametric models in Iranian Holstein dairy cattle    Ph.D    mohammadi, yahya    2014-06-01
4    Estimation of genetic parameters for blood factors in chickens susceptible to Ascites    M.Sc.    askarzadeh, raziyeh    2014-06-23
5    Genetic diversity of Kurdi sheep using pedigree analysis    M.Sc.    Azarian, Hedayat    2015-01-04
6    Suitable selection criteria for growth traits in Kurdi sheep    M.Sc.    gholami, ali    2015-01-25
7    The impact of genetic architecture on the accuracy of genomic breeding values    M.Sc.    fouji, sara    2015-03-10
8    The effect of thyme extraction by-product on performance, carcass components, blood parameters and serum liver enzymes in Ross broilers    M.Sc.    ayatollahi, soraya    2015-04-19
9    Effects of level and time of using raw and extruded linseed on pellet quality, metabolisable energy value, meat quality, enrichment with omega-3 fatty acids and performance of broiler chickens    Ph.D    zhaleh, safa    2015-05-03
10    Effects of Energy and Protein Sources, Amino Acids Density and Exogenous Enzymes in Pre-starter Diet on Metabolizable Energy, Intestinal Microflora, Gut Morphology, and Performance of Broiler Chickens    Ph.D    Nabizadeh, Ali    2015-06-09
12    Genetic properties of traits related to milk composition in Holstein and Brown Swiss cows of Khorasan Razavi province using random regression model    M.Sc.    raouf moghadam, maryam    2015-11-22
13    Survival analysis of longevity using linear and proportional hazards models and competing risk analysis of culling causes in Iranian Holstein cows    Ph.D    Shahdadi, Alireza    2016-01-31
14    Application of quantile regression in the study of 305-day milk yield, calving interval and persistency traits using classical and genomic approaches and the analysis of lactation curve with different mathematical functions in Iranian Holstein dairy cows    Ph.D    Naeemipour, Hossein    2016-03-08
15    The bioavailability of Nano-Vitamin-D3 and Nano-Calcium-Carbonate in Broiler Chickens, and their effect on the Performance, Eggshell and Bone Quality in Laying Hens    Ph.D    Sheikhsamani, Ehsan    2016-06-19
16    Meta-Analysis for Genetic Parameters of Economic Traits in Dairy Cattle,Sheep and Native fowl in Iran    M.Sc.    ghobakhloo, fateme    2017-01-01
17    Genetic consequences of importing the evaluated genomic materials of dairy cattle in Iran    Ph.D    haghdoost, adeleh    2017-01-30
18    Bioinformatic study of imprinted genes in bovine    Ph.D    karami, keyvan    2017-03-01
19    Genetic analysis of test day records of Holstein milk production traits in different province of Iran with random regression    M.Sc.    saberinejad, asma    2017-03-05
20    Estimation of inbreeding and genomic evaluation in some dairy cattle populations by using runs of hemeozygosity (ROH)    Ph.D    barzanooni, behshad    2017-09-23
21    A study on the application of the current SNP arrays for the Iranian indigenous sheep.and goat populations through Whole Genome Sequences (WGS) data using NEXTGEN dataset project    Ph.D    moghadam, maryam    2018-03-04